Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin is an official document that determines the
origin of exported or re-exported goods. It is an essential document
that enables recognition of the origin of goods in order to estimate
customs tariffs, as it contains the basic data on trade shipments. A
detailed commercial invoice is attached to the document.

Service fees

Issuing a Certificate of Origin: 100 AED

Documents Required for Certificate of Origin

Commercial Invoice
Direct Shipping Goods
Certificate of Origin Example
Commercial Invoice

On Company Letterhead trade name should match chamber records including:

  • Invoice Number
  •  Invoice Date Consignee Details (name, country, city, P.O. Box, Phone & Fax number)
  •  A description of the shipped goods, quantity, number of packages, unit price & total amount
  •  Country of Origin
  • Mode of transport (by land, sea, air)
  • Company seal & signature (stamp should match trade name)
  • Service request number (apply online https://www.uaqchamber.ae/coo )

For further details: An Invoice with the information mentioned in the last paragraph is required Direct shipping goods

Direct Shipping Goods

  • Bill of lading
  • Exporter’s country invoices
  • Exporter’s country Certificate of Origin

 In case of custom duties exemptions to GCC countries, certificate of origin from the ministry of economy is required.

UAE Origin

  • Copy of the industrial license in required for goods manufactured in other emirates
  • Copy of factory’s invoice

Vehicles export

  • Copy of export certificate from Roads & Transport Authority


  • No objection latter from the department of civil defense

Food stuff

  •  Fitness certificate for export food items

Pharmaceutical goods

  •  No objection latter from the ministry of health

Transhipment goods

  • Copy of transit data from custom textiles

In case for export goods to European countries, USA, Turkey & Poland

  • Exporter’s country invoice Exporter’s country certificate of origin

Note: The Chamber reserves the right to ask for any supporting documents that might be needed.

Certificate of Origin Example