In the name of Allah the Merciful

The new global economy on sophisticated technology industry is one of the basics in this century, namely, information and communication technology and component means of media, information, and statistical indicators. The world has become in the present time a small village interconnected not separated by borders or oceans has brought the media and the Internet among all peoples and between specialists, each according to his work.

United Arab Emirates, which is a leader in all areas of economic, social, and took the top countries in the world in the transparency and community well-being and happiness and stand with them in a single line in the areas of multilateral development in the economic, social and cultural activities and was the forerunner to the adoption of mechanisms and means evolving globally in all fields, most notably go to adoption of modern information and communication technology and the link with the world through these various networks, and operation of the satellite and the composition of the bodies and institutions concerned with the science of outer space.

Perhaps the development in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain and at different levels make it to the level of the interests of everyone, prompting the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Umm Al Quwain to keep pace with this development and this attention to the adoption of (the website), a comprehensive site for information on the state and the emirate’s Chamber members and their activities and the activities of the room and its relationship with local and international authorities all to become in the hands of investors and international institutions, researchers, information and statistical indicators and studies targeted the process of economic and social development in the country and the emirate service, taking attention to the sight of the future updates of this site and the information it contained.

According to God’s working on this vital project and God help and repayment

Abdullah Khamis Al Suwaidi

General Manager

Abdullah Khamis Al Suwaidi - General Manager
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