About U.A.Q Chamber

The Chamber represents, in general, the interests of merchants and manufacturers and provides the government departments and their affiliates with information, suggestions and projects aimed at developing the economy in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain, and works to facilitate the contacts of the associates with local references and foreign embassies, resolving disputes between associates through reconciliation or arbitration and giving certificates of origin or source of goods and certification On invoices, notes, and signatures of registered members, in addition to providing information on the location and dates of international exhibitions.

U.A.Q Website:

This website (uaqchamber.ae) and all its entities, extensions and links is owned and managed by U.A.Q Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Our Vision

It has become a more important role of the chamber in order to keep pace with economic growth, trade and tourism witnessed by the emirate, the room where you play the leading role in the activation of different activities and encourage the private sector. And therefore provide the room number of services to the business community to assist them in implementing their projects with ease. From this standpoint, the Chamber seeks to promote, represent and protect the interests of the business community in Umm Al Quwain, and providing useful services value-added work to find new business opportunities and enable them to compete at the global level as well as providing effective support for governmental action aimed at improving the climate for business to flourish and work .

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